Why RCI (Rainbow Century Investments)?

Rainbow Century Investments (RCI) established in 2010, and has continued to grow over the years and offer an increasing number of people smarter ways to invest and achieve their goals. RCI’s unique approach to wealth management surrounds you with a team that integrates the financial disciplines, simplifies your life, and provides peace of mind.

Our disciplined investment philosophy is based upon academic research and efficient market theory which removes emotion, mitigates risk, captures global market returns and drives the success of your wealth management plan. Perhaps even more rewarding is the knowledge that our hard work and unwavering principles have earned us the deep trust of our valued clients.
In addition RCI has developed new tools in the financial world to help our clients achieve their financial goals faster and safer than any other company in the world to date!


A Complete Picture

As you’re working toward the goals that matter most to you, we can help you manage your full financial picture and stay on track. Our trained Consultants can look at all your investments collectively to understand where you are now and help you develop a strategy for getting where you want to be in the future.

The Right Tools

We’ve got you covered with tools to help you determine an asset allocation that’s right for you, to pick investments supporting your allocation, to manage your portfolio and to stay updated on the latest market news. Our platforms support your on your mobile device, your tablet or your desktop.


Exceptional Service

Our client-focused customer support teams are available online and over the phone to provide tailored assistance that meets your needs. We’re proud to be recognized by leading consumer advocates – both within the financial services industry and at large – for our steadfast dedication to our clients. Of all our accolades, these directly reflect our mission to improve lives by helping people overcome barriers to financial success.