Let us answer your concerns

What is the minimum amount of venture capital needed to invest with Rainbow Century Ltd.?

Investments start at the $25,000 to $1,000,000 range for a period of 5-20 years

Can I make a short and/or long term investments?

Investments start at the $25,000 to $1,000,000 range over a period of 5-20 years. However, we only take a limited amount of new investors on a yearly basis due to such a high demand for our financial services.

How secure is my investment and how it that security guaranteed?

Your investment’s security is 100% guaranteed because, every investment is backed by real estate assets.

How do you provide 100% security?

We provide 100% security by backing every investment with real estate assets.

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is ownership of a property/house/apartment, etc.. Mortgage loans are given by a branch within banks that specialize in mortgages, or by a private company, such as Rainbow Century Investments Ltd. Before giving a mortgage, the apartment, land, property or house is appraised. The Land Registry also works giving the loan and confirming the appraisal/s. If a mortgage is not paid by the specified day agreed to with the loan granter, either the bank or private company that lent the money, the loan granter may take ownership of the mortgaged land/house/apartment/property and sell it through a receivership for comparing. This money covering the outstanding balance or surplus that remains are transferred to the borrower.

How will I be getting my dividends and what is the rate?

Your dividend is guaranteed to be 300-400% more than what you would earn from your bank and will be wired directly to your account each year.

Are there any other financial advantages aside from the yearly dividends?

Yes. In addition to the yearly dividends, our company will pay a percentage of the profits at the end of each year.

How is the interest transferred?

The interest is paid directly to the bank account of the investor on a monthly basis

Do I need to pay any management fees?

No. There is no additional account management fees charged or paid by the investor.

Is there an option for early withdrawal of some or all of the investment?

Yes. Rainbow Century Investments Ltd. gives you an early redemption option.

How is investing with Rainbow Century Ltd. better than doing business with a bank?

When your money sits in the bank the value of your money is consistently being devalued, and the interest rates are peanuts. In contrast, at Rainbow Century Ltd. your money doubles every 6-7 years.

What profits you can expect investing with Rainbow Century Ltd.?

As mentioned above, your investment doubles every 6-7 years, so for example, an investment of $100,000 becomes $200,000 within 6-7 years.

Where is my money invested?

Every investor receives a detailed certificate that shows precisely where their money is invested.

Is my Investment with Rainbow Century Ltd 100% secure?

No. It is 200% secure. All investments are placed in real estate at a value worth twice the amount of the investment. This means that if you invest $100,000 with Rainbow Century Ltd., you will receive property valued at $200,000 as collateral. Both your name and Rainbow Century Ltd.’s will be on the deed. Rainbow Century Ltd. itself guarantees your money, and the returns on your investment.
A more secure form of investment does not exist anywhere, not in the banks, not in financial institutions, the stock markets, nowhere. No other company except for Rainbow Century Ltd. can guarantee to double your investment via real estate within a 6-7 year timeframe.